About Us

ByteQuest is a Big Data and Machine Learning Training and Solutions Provider. We are focused on providing business value through training and deployment of Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning solutions. We go beyond the buzz words and evaluate the true need for your business problems.

Typical engagement with our clients will involve the following steps:

1. Working with our client to understand the problems that they want to solve.

2. Evaluate and provide a summary on if Big Data, IoT or Machine Learning will help solve their problems.

3. If the evaluation leads to utilization of one or many of Big Data, IoT and ML technologies, we work with our client to define a minimum viable project (MVP) to help evaluate the business benefits through prototyping.

4. In parallel to 3, we work with our clients to evaluate what level of training of our clients staff is needed and we train the team. This helps our client’s team understand and test the MVP

5. We implement the pilot project and work with our client and estimate the savings. This will help decide on the go / no go on the full project implementation. 

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ByteQuest is a Big Data and Machine Learning Training institution helping teach the next generation of Data Engineers and Data Scientists.