Corporate Training

Customized Training:
Most of the training courses that are offered online or in person are with a set curriculum. We at ByteQuest tailor our curriculum based on our client’s business needs and utilize use cases that are relevant to our client.

Hands-on Workshops:
All of our training sessions are interactive, with hands on implementation. This helps the team to apply what they learn immediately. Our hands on exercises are designed to give real time feedback to learners, thus enhancing the learning.

Industry Experts:
Our instructors have decades of software development experience in corporate world and understand the needs and demands of corporate clients.

On-site Training:
We offer training at our client’s workplace, which helps reduce employee travel related expenses and time loss. This also allows our client to include all team members who need the training.

Training at Varied Levels:
Breadth of our training is designed in a way to enable team members with varied levels of expertise can be benefited.

Suggested Training Modules:-

We will customize the training module based on our client’s needs. To give you a flavor, we have given below some example training modules.

Hands-on Machine Learning:
Data Analytics can dramatically improve the way businesses operate, drive new revenue and gain competitive advantages over business rivals. Machine learning is a branch of data analytics that gives computers the ability to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Participants of this training program will develop a basic understanding of the principles of machine learning and predictive analytics through hands on projects using real world data sets. As part of this training, participants will get to participate in Kaggle Machine Learning Challenges.

Hands-on Big Data and Hadoop With Python:
This hands-on training program will provide the participants with a solid foundation on the fundamentals of Big Data and the core skills needed for analyzing large data sets with Hadoop Ecosystem. After successfully completing this training, participants will be able to develop Hadoop programs in Python, Hive and Pig Scripts that can run in parallel on multiple machines on a Real Hadoop Cluster.

Spark Workshop:
Participants of Spark Workshop will be able to analyze massive data sets using machine learning, graph analysis and advanced techniques across a Hadoop Cluster in cloud using AWS EMR (Amazon Web Services Elastic Map Reduce)

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