Learn AWS technical skills and best practices to build solutions in AWS Cloud through live, in-person classes. The course covers the Foundations, Storage, Identity, Compute, Databases, Networking and Application Services Concepts and practical exercises in AWS. It helps students to prepare for AWS solutions architect associate certification exam.

Instructor Credentials – Our instructor is an AWS Certified Solution Architect.

Pre-requisite – Students taking this course should have completed AWS Fundamentals or should have prior knowledge on AWS fundamentals.

AWS Account

Students will create and manage their own personal AWS account as part of the course. AWS offers AWS Free Tier (12 month intro) to new customers. Most of the course content can be covered using the free tier. There are some instances where minimal cost will be incurred for using the services, example Elastic Load Balancer, Route53). All labs will be performed using their AWS account.

The course is a workshop-style course which includes a theory followed by hands-on Lab. All labs will be performed in the class, but students are encouraged to test what they have practiced in class during the week.

Course Curriculum

Theory – T

Lab – L

  1. Introduction (Week 1)
    • Recap AWS Fundamentals
  2. Networking – AWS VPC, Route53 (Week 1 & 2)
    • Domain Naming Services overview (T)
    • routing policy (T & L)
    • Build your own Virtual Private Cloud (T & L)
    • Network Address Translation (T & L)
    • Access Control Lists (T & L)
    • VPCs and ELBs (T & L)
    • NAT Vs Bastions (T)
    • Quiz
  3. Application Services – Overview (Week 3)
    • Simple Queue Services (T)
    • Simple Workflow Services (T)
    • Simple Notification Services (T & L)
    • API Gateway (T)
    • Elastic Transcoder (T)
    • Kinesis (T)
    • Lambda (T)
    • Elastic Beanstalk (T)
    • Quiz
  4. AWS Management Tools (Week 4)
    • AWS Management Console (T & L)
    • AWS CloudWatch (T & L)
    • AWS CloudTrail (T & L)
    • AWS CloudFormation (T & L)
    • AWS Command Line Interface (T & L)
    • Quiz
  5. Create a fault tolerant WordPress website (Project) (Week 4 )
  6. AWS Whitepapers (Week 4)
  7. AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Blueprint (Week 4)

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