Learn basics of AWS and foundation services that are backbone of AWS cloud computing through live, in-person classes. The course covers the foundations, storage, Identity, compute, database services concepts and practical exercises using AWS. This is a beginner’s course for AWS solutions architect associate certification exam preparation.

Instructor Credentials – Our instructor is an AWS Certified Solution Architect.

AWS Account

Students will create and manage their own personal AWS account as part of the course. AWS offers AWS Free Tier (12 month intro) to new customers. Most of the course content can be covered using the free tier. There are some instances where minimal cost will be incurred for using the services, example Elastic Load Balancer, Route53). All labs will be performed using their AWS account.

The course is a workshop-style course which includes a theory followed by hands-on Lab. All labs will be performed in the class, but students are encouraged to test what they have practiced in class during the week.

Course Curriculum

Theory – T

Lab – L

  1. Introduction (Week 1)
    • AWS Overview (T)
    • AWS Platform and navigate AWS management console
  2. Security Fundamentals (Week 1)
    • users, roles, group, policy management (T & L)
    • IAM best practices (Multi-Factor Authentication, password policies) (T & L)
    • Quiz
  3. AWS Storage – S3, CDN, Storage Gateway, Glacier, Snowball (Week 2)
    • Simple Storage Services (T & L)
    • S3 Life Cycle Management (T & L)
    • CloudFront (T & L)
    • Storage Gateway (T)
    • Snowball (T)
    • Quiz
  4. AWS Compute – EC2, ELB, CloudWatch, AutoScaling (Week 3)
    • Elastic Compute Cloud (T & L)
    • putty to connect (windows) (T & L)
    • Elastic Load Balancers (T & L)
    • ELB Lab (T & L)
    • IAM Roles & EC2 (T & L)
    • EC2 Instance Metadata (T & L)
    • Elastic File System (T & L)
    • Quiz
  5. AWS Databases (Week 4 )
    • AWS Relational Database Services (T)
    • Create an RDS instance (T & L)
    • RDS – backup, Multi- Availability zone, Read Replicas (T & L)
    • DynamoDB (T)
    • Redshift (T)
    • ElasticCache (T)
    • Aurora (T)
    • Quiz

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