Big Data Skills are in high demand, but big data experts are hard to find. ByteQuest’s “Hands-On Big Data and Hadoop” workshop-style course will provide you with a solid foundation on the fundamentals of Big Data and the core skills needed for analyzing large data sets with Hadoop Ecosystem through live, in-person classes. After successfully completing this course, students will be able to write MapReduce programs in Java, Hive and Pig Scripts that can run in parallel on multiple machines by using Hadoop and be prepared to take the next course in our Big Data Analytics Track.

What will I learn?
Learn the Fundamentals of Big Data and get hands on with Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS), MapReduce, Hive and Pig using real Hadoop Cluster with Amazon’s Elastic Map Reduce Service.
You’ll get to work on the following real-world examples:
1) Amazon Product Recommendations based on Collaborative Filtering
2) Analyze Web Server Log Data
3) Twitter Sentiment Analysis
4) Analyze Complex Dataset: Tomcat Developer Mailing List Archives

Do I need to have prior experience in programming before enrolling?
A basic knowledge of Java programming and familiarity with SQL is needed to do the coding assignments of this course.

What is the minimum hardware and software requirement for this course?
Students have to create and manage their personal Amazon Web Services (AWS) account as part of the course. AWS offers a Free Tier (12 month) for new customers. Most of the course content can be covered using the free tier.

Can I keep working while taking this course?
Yes, this course is designed for working professionals.

How is the course structured?
This is a workshop-style course, so you learn by doing hands-on coding. Additionally, a take-home assignment will be provided every week to reinforce the concepts taught in the class. Students are required to submit their weekly assignments in GitHub repository.

What’s the maximum limit on the number of students enrolled in this course?
At ByteQuest, we believe that keeping class size to a minimum boosts more one-on-one attention, giving students more opportunities to participate and enabling faster learning.

What credentials does the instructor have?
Our instructor has 20 years of experience in software application development, majority of which was spent leading an Enterprise Application Development Team. As part of the Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate Program from Stanford University she had an opportunity to work on projects in Machine Learning and Social Network Analysis. She is currently consulting for corporate clients in building end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solutions.

What sets your course apart from Big Data courses offered elsewhere?
• We believe in learning by doing, so our students will gain hands-on coding experience along with the core skills needed to become a Big Data Engineer.
• Learning doesn’t end in the class room. We provide Q&A forum support where students can get their questions answered and share their knowledge when the class is not in session.
• Our course allows working professionals to study without leaving work.
• With our live in-person course you can form study groups and learn together.

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