Demand for Data Engineers and Data Scientists Remains High

“Our research shows that employers are very invested in expanding head count in areas such as analytics and data science, product development, and sales as they strive to stay competitive in B2B and B2C markets.”  – Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder

With data collection and data storage becoming accessible to businesses at all scale and access to machine learning tools through providers such as Amazon, IBM’s Watson and Google GCP, business of any size can harness the power of Big Data. To enable that, businesses of all size need data engineers and data scientists.

Based on Forbes here are the top 5 industries that hire Big Data related expertise: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, IT, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance and Retail. The below chart shows the distribution of advertised positions in the above mentioned industries.

Top 5 Industries Hiring Big Data

Bigger Paychecks

It’s not just the huge demand for Big Data jobs but also the lucrative salary these jobs offer. According to Indeed, a most popular job search engine, the average salary for a Big Data professional is about 114,000 USD per annum. This is about 98% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.

The average annual salary for Professionals with Big Data expertise in SFO, CA looks attractive.Big Data Salaries in SFO

Top 3 Big Data employment Markets in U.S.

As stated by Forbes, here are the top three U.S. big data employment markets:

  • San Jose – Sunnyvale – Santa Clara, CA,
  • San Francisco – Oakland – Fremont, CA and
  • New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island
Future Predictions of Big Data Industry

Based on IDC forecasts, a premier market research firm, worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics will grow from $130.1 billion in 2016 to more than $203 billion in 2020, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7%.

Big Gap in Big Data Skills

Inspite of the huge demand for Big Data skills, there is a significant gap in terms of the availability of skills resulting in large number of unfilled jobs across the globe.

Big Data Skills Gap

With companies hunting for professionals with Big Data expertise, now is the right time to add some Big Data skills to your toolbox and land one of the highest paying IT jobs. As you start thinking about equipping yourself to become a Big Data Engineer, there are plenty of questions that might pop-up in your mind:

  • How steep will the learning curve be?
  • What are the pre-requisites to learn Hadoop and other big data technologies?
  • With continuously evolving expanding stack of technologies, what is the minimum required set of tools to learn to get started?
  • What’s the best way to get trained in these technologies?

It is true that there is a plethora of books on big data, plenty of MOOC and online courses, blogposts on big data and innumerable discussion forums. This information overload overwhelms the newcomer and hard to know how and where to get started.

While many online based big data courses offer the flexibility for one to learn at one’s own time and pace, they provide brief overview of the subject matter, with no hands-on, real world project. In addition, these courses are designed with university-style quizzes and assignments and they don’t add much practical value.

At ByteQuest, we believe that working on real world problems is the best way to get trained in Big Data. Our Hadoop and Big Data training is geared towards gaining practical knowledge and depth required in the job market. Without toiling long hours of hard work, our students can grasp the big data technology effortlessly. Our courses are face-to-face and will be led by friendly and experienced instructors who have the expertise and passion to teach. We are planning to offer Big Data courses for people with various levels of experience. The courses will be conducted in Bay Area, CA.

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Sivagami Ramiah is the founder and primary instructor with ByteQuest, the Big Data Training Institution, which stemmed from her passion for teaching Big Data and Machine Learning. She has 20 years of experience in software application development, majority of which was spent leading an Enterprise Application Development Team. As part of the Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate Program from Stanford University she had an opportunity to work on projects in Machine Learning and Social Network Analysis. In addition to being a Chief Instructor at ByteQuest, she is currently consulting for corporate clients in building end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solutions. She enjoys speaking in Tech Meetups. In her spare time, she loves working on applying Machine Learning Algorithms on Kaggle Open Data Sets.
May 3, 2017

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