Corporate Projects

Every business, big and small, can get benefitted from utilizing the power of Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning. The challenge is to come up with the right business problem to apply it on and to execute it efficiently. That is where ByteQuest comes in.

Before you start investing your own resources in Big Data, IOT and Machine Learning, we evaluate your business needs and work with you to develop a prototype project. This project will be designed to determine the Return on Investment of the proposed solution. Based on the outcome from this, you can decide on the next set of actions.

Gone are the days where companies with deep pockets are the only ones to utilize detailed data analytics to drive customer behavior. With the advent of easily deployable cloud and the myriad open source tools, companies of all sizes can benefit from Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning.

Some of the example projects include:-

Internet of Things (IoT):
From Insurance Industry to Refineries, IoT has started the next wave of industrial revolution. Beauty of IoT is that it delivers benefits not just to big firms but to companies of all sizes. For example, a convenient store owner can benefit from IoT enabled Electricity Usage optimizer.

Sentiment Analysis:
Every action that a customer takes is influenced by the emotional state and sentiment. Business value is created when a company can understand the social media sentiments of their potential customers and cater to their need. Utilization of Machine Learning in Sentiment Analysis has been well established, and this can be a potentially very useful tool for your business.

Customer Insights:
Have a huge customer data set that you have not looked at? You are sitting on a potential gold mine. We can help analyze their behavior and use it to improve service, recommend products and close more deals.

ClickStream Analytics:
ClickStream Analytics involve analyzing How people got to your site, the most popular products, pages, and sections, what visitors search for on-site, what they engage with, view, or purchase, when they convert, cancel, or abandon cart, where they go when they leave the site etc. This will be very powerful in understanding how your site interacts with potential customers.

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    ByteQuest is a cost-effective Big Data-as-a-Service Provider, providing fully managed Data Analytics Service with a prime focus on keeping our customers in the loop at every phase of the data analytics life cycle.


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